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Welcome To Easy Tie

Easy Tie shoelaces were created by my wife, a teacher, in a moment of desperation, while attempting to teach our son to tie his shoes. He was constantly confusing the left and right laces and could never manage to tuck or pull the correct one. She hot glued two different shoelaces together in an attempt to help identify the two laces. It was ugly but it worked. We were shocked at the immediate difference. It only took  two days for him to figure out how to tie his shoes with the new laces. Within two weeks he had mastered it. Lace confusion was the biggest hindrance to our son’s learning. We decided at that moment to create Easy Tie shoelaces to help other children learn to tie with less confusion.

The Journey

For about a year we attempted to find the perfect lace. We tested 275 different laces until we found the perfect combination of size, material, weave, texture, and tying security. We sincerely hope that you and your child enjoy these laces as much as our family has.We would love to hear from you. If you would like to share your lace tying success or have general questions, feel free to email us at easytieshoelaces@gmail.com

Who Is Easy Tie

Our mission is to help as many kids learn to tie with the least amount of frustration.

Meet Our Team


Brandee was a teacher who specialized in working with children with special needs.


ScottDirector of Operations
Scott was a professional civil engineer who always wanted to start his own company. After getting his MBA he spent time in the finance world while starting several businesses.