Learn To Tie The Easy Way
Easy Tie shoelaces are the only dual colored shoelace
specifically designed for tying

How to tie your shoes with easy tie shoelaces properties video

Not just for KIDS anymore!

Now available in longer ADULT lengths

The same shoelaces that everyone loves, are now for everyone!

Benefits of Easy Tie Shoelaces

Easy Tie shoelaces work by removing all tying obstacles

  • Dual Colors

  • Dual Textures (Black/Grey lace only)

  • Stiffer laces won’t flop

  • Tough enough for any activity

  • 37″ fit youth shoe size 8 – 3 or (4 eyelets)

  • 45″ fit teen/adult shoe size 3 – 10 or (5-6 eyelets)

Dual colors aid in lace identification and the colors are FUN! Everyone loves bright, fun, and unique shoelaces.

Available in 3 Countries




USA purchase and review dual colored shoelaces
Canada purchase and review dual colored shoelaces
UK purchase and review dual colored shoelaces

DC-Mens-Court-Graffik-Skate-Shoe-Easy-Tie-Dual-Colored-Shoelaces-Red-Blue-Criss Cross -Lacing-How-to-Lace-Your-Shoes-Method

DC-Mens-Court-Graffik-Skate-Shoe-Easy-Tie-Dual-Colored-Shoelaces White Rainbow-Criss Cross -Lacing-How-to-Lace-Your-Shoes-Method small


DC-Mens-Court-Graffik-Skate-Shoe-Easy-Tie-Dual-Colored-Shoelaces-Purple Rainbow Triple Hash Back-Lacing-How-to-Lace-Your-Shoes-Method small

DC-Mens-Court-Graffik-Skate-Shoe-Easy-Tie-Dual-Colored-Shoelaces-White Blue-Loop Back-Lacing-How-to-Lace-Your-Shoes-Method-small

DC-Mens-Court-Graffik-Skate-Shoe-Easy-Tie-Dual-Colored-Shoelaces Purple Rainbow-Criss Cross -Lacing-How-to-Lace-Your-Shoes-Method small

Easy Tie Shoelaces Discount On Sale CouponLooking for our discontinued snap laces? They are ON SALE while supplies last.

10 colors to choose from for your own custom look

Not as tough as our new Easy Tie shoelaces but they are great for teaching tying